December 2017

On December the 3rd I was to give an interview for “Bond Radio” Chris turned up with a 3 camera set up, light and all.

We shoot it in my study and it lasted a long time, Chris asked all the right questions to keep me chatting away. You can watch it on Youtube,

I hope it’s not too long or too boring.

I spent a few days working on “Fantastic Beasts 2″ at Leavesden Studios. When I lived 20 mins away in Hartfordshire I never got a days work there !! ‘That’s Show Bizz’

We then set sail for New York on the QM2 out of Southampton. It was a great trip with my wife Dolly my daughter Jacqueline and Granddaughter Isabella. We were meeting my other daughter Lisa and her family in New York for Christmas and New Year. It was a great time but 12 below at times. We watched the ‘Big Ball” fall at twelve o’clock and wished the world a happy and peaceful New Year as I wish for all of you who have taken the time to read this.